Means and norms


Our workshops

Our workshops are based in Valencia, Spain:
- Around 2 hours flight from Paris
 - 10 minutes drive from Valencia airport

Our location allows us to suggest and organize receptions in our workshops.

Standards about us

All our achievements comply with standards in force. All equipment used is CE certified. Each cabinet is subject to a procedure test recorded on a PV attached to deliveries. 


Some examples of tools used:
- Calculation software = CANECO
- Scheme sofware = AUTOCAD 
- Tertiary and industrial encryption softwares: RAPSODIE- XLPRO- OPTIMA 
- Detection printer Weidmuller Printjet pro and CEMBRE MARKINGENIUS 3 (material benchmark, wiring benchmark, departures designation, cabinets titles, cables benchmarks ). 
- Sheet metal drilling : cutters machine
- Crimper for nozzles and pods
- Torque wrench 
- Isolation test 
- Clamp ammeter and multimeter
- Test bed